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Virtual Consultations

In response to the patients’ needs, we have expanded our healthcare services into virtual care, offering a real-time, virtual visit by simply using your mobile device or computer.

Virtual Medical Assistance Consultations

How Do I Schedule My Virtual Consultation?

You only have to call our office and let us know that you are interested in a virtual appointment. Thereafter, we will send you the instructions before your consultation. You can also request your appointment by filling out the form below.

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    Please, fill out the form below and submit your appointment request today. You will get a confirmation as soon as possible.

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    Get in touch with our reception staff for any general inquiry or to schedule your telehealth appointment.

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    Before The Consultation

    Check Out These Tips For A Great Experience

    Update the apps you will be using to connect your computer or mobile, ensure it has a good battery life level, close unnecessary apps, and ensure that your device has a good connection.

    We highly recommend finding a quiet space to avoid being interrupted during our consultation and also, to use earbuds with a microphone or a headset.

    Please try to have good lighting during the consultation, block lights from windows that can cause glare, and set your camera position, placing it at eye level, so your face is fully visible.